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Adventure Medical Kits equip you with what you need in case of an accident during your outings. The storage case is durable and its supplies may be replaced over and over as the need arises. Lightweight, non-bulky, and convenient to store in your vehicle, backpack, tent, boat, etc. They carry your basic first aid ingredients. They have plenty of bandages, mole skin, basic pain killers, anti-septic medication, tweezers, safety pins, and more. Add any first aid items you may need and take any out that you don’t think you would use.

Hiking first aid kits are a necessity for your bushcraft kit. A lack of a first aid kit could bring your adventure to an early close. Be prepared so you can enjoy the great outdoors longer and with the peace of mind that if an accident were to happen, you would not be caught off guard. Great North Bushcraft company wants to encourage time in the outdoors, being active, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. We want you to be equipped and have a well-rounded first aid kit to accompany your knives, axes, fire starter, etc. for your bushcraft kit.

First aid kits are great for families with children. We all know that a simple band aid can ease your child’s mind and give them a second round of confidence to continue on their hike, camping trip, canoe trip, or simple walk in the park. Also, if you are a leader of any type of activity, it’s wise to have that first aid kit handy. A well-equipped leader leaves a good impression. See our selection at Great North Bushcraft Company.