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Learn to use an axe, and respect it and you can't help but love it.
But abuse one and it will wear your hands raw
and open your foot like an overcooked sausage.

Richard Proenneke

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Axes have been used for thousands of years whether cutting wood, being weaponized, or displaying wealth. An axe comes in many forms, but traditionally it consists of just an axe head with a handle. In the early days of mankind, the axe was used without a handle. Years later, a handle was added. Depending on what was available throughout history, axes were made from stone, copper, bronze, iron, and steel. An axe is a good example of a simple machine. Using one reduces the effort a wood chopper puts forth. The handle of the axe is used as a lever, which increases the force at the sharpened edge.
There are many types of axes used today. There is the felling axe, used for cutting down trees, which cuts across the wood grain. A wedge-shaped splitting axe is used to split with the wood grain. A broad axe is a precision axe that is used with the grain of wood. An adze is used on a piece of horizontal wood to rip a level surface. The carpenter’s axe is a bit larger than a hatchet, has a straight bit and is used for traditional woodworking. A hatchet is smaller and is used for traveling, hiking, or camping. The hand axe is like a hatchet but smaller and is used for precision cutting. These are only a few examples as there are many more types.
One axe that is celebrated today among many is the bushcraft axe. Bushcraft axes provide power and flexibility. They are resourceful, transportable, and solid. When shopping for the axe that is right for you, consider its primary use, handle length, and size. The blade should be high-quality, so it will cut properly. Consider the blade’s thickness, length, and sharpness. Single bit axes are the most common however a double bit may better suit your needs. A quality axe will have a head made from low carbon and high-carbon steel to give great flexibility. The handle, or shaft, can be made from numerous different types of materials, including fiberglass, hickory, or metal. A good axe should be well balanced and the head should line up with the handle to achieve the best cutting.
“The axe is the most important of the basic bush tools. Outside of fire, little else can contribute more to living comfortably in the wilderness than knowing how to properly use a well-chosen axe”
– Mors Kochanski
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