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The Finest Semi-Production Cutting Tools
On the Market

Bark River Knives produce some of the finest semi-production cutting tools that are available. They are aimed to be used by anybody who has a passion for the outdoors and require a high-quality performance tool in the wild, at all times. Bark River strives for top of the line products that blend traditional and contemporary designs and styles. Their manufacturing methods match their designs with a combination of modern and traditional.

Bark River is a family owned company in Michigan, and does their best to treat their employees as such. They have worked hard for many years to produce knives worth standing behind.

A bark river bushcraft knife has been designed and engineered to be satisfying to anyone who has a love of the outdoors. They make their blades straight, slim, and the point is in the basic center of the blade.

A good knife should be essential to your bushcraft kit. Bark River knives are well-rounded and dependable, whether you are bush crafting around the yard at your home, or in the middle of the Alaska bush, making a fire. Their blade steel and heat treatment are second to none and this causes them to hold their edge for a long time. Their handles are built to be comfortable in the human hand. At Great North Bushcraft Company, we strive to supply the best products in the bushcraft market, and Bark River are among some of the best. You won’t be disappointed in Bark River.