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You need a name you can trust.
Not just a brand for brand’s sake but something you can rely on.
These are some really great brands with great reputations

Here at Great North Bushcraft Company we understand that some brands are just overrated. We only carry brands that mean durability and a good reputation. The brands we carry at our bushcraft store should serve you for years to come.

Knives are the main tool that you need with you bushcrafting. For knives, we have brands like Helle, which has been making quality Norwegian bushcraft knives since 1932. Bark River Knives, making some of the finest semi production knives you can buy made in Escanaba MI. Enzo, which is an awesome knife maker from Finland. Their Trapper knife is a regular in bushcraft kits. Spyderco’s bushcraft knife is almost a gold standard for bushcraft knives. Condor Knife and Tool making high quality budget knives from El Salvador in a German fashion since 1964. And Mora of Sweden which is the best price to quality you can get in a knife.

Axes are an incredibly important tool in the northern forests. In the way of axes, we have CRKT out of Portland OR since 1994, making great tools that inspire and endure. Hults Bruk’s hand forged axes have been made in Sweden since 1697 and are among the finest axes on the market.

Saws are everywhere but a good saw is hard to come by. We carry Silky saws made in Japan since the early 1900s. They are some of the best wood pull saws you can get.

We have other great brands here now like Exotac, and Adventure Medical Kits, bringing you great fire starting and first aid kit options. In the future, we will have more of the best brands that you would expect to see in a bushcraft store. If you don’t see what you want or need at Great North Bushcraft Company, continue checking back as we will be expanding this collection of awesome, trustworthy brands that should be in every bushcraft kit.