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Be prepared for your next fire with Exotac fire starters.
You never know when you may want or need to start one.
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Starting a fire is an important survival skill. Fire is used for light, cooking, comfort, and warmth. Having the right tools to start your fire can make or break your experience, whether it truly is a survival situation or a leisurely time around a campfire. Exotac will equip you with the right fire-starting tools. Fatwood fire starter comes from pine tree stumps that hold large amounts of resin (a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants, mostly fir and pine).

Exotac fire starters have been tested thoroughly. They were evaluated on flammability, water resistance, and burn time. They will tolerate wind and moisture. They start quickly and burn hot. They come from organic materials and are repurposed from the lumber industry. The tin is reusable and durable. The fatwood shavings can be lit easily with an open flame or a ferrocerium fire starter. Fatwood splinters light best with another fire tinder, such as cotton balls, dried grass, an open flame, or fatwood shavings.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard in the outdoors. Carrying an Exotac fire starter is so lightweight, you won’t even notice it in your pack. In all reality, there’s no reason not to carry one at all times. Why not? You never know when you may want to build an impromptu campfire.

Every product Exotac sells has a story behind it. Proudly made in America. See our selection at Great North Bushcraft Company. A company that strives to sell the best bushcraft products out there.