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A fire could save your life. Make sure you can start one.
Check out these fire-starting tools.
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A bushcraft fire is an art that has been in the making since the dawn on mankind. Without fire, our world today would be vastly different. How would we survive in the cold? Would we be alive today? Not only for heat and cooking, but how would people have been able to see in the night? It is imperative to keep the art of fire building alive from its most primitive form to the simple strike of a match to preserve who we are as humans and what we can accomplish.

Fire starting tools vary in their simplicity. Whether you are using a firesteel, flint and steel, bow drill, a fire plough, or a simple hand drill to make your fire, the desired result remains the same. Fire.

At Great North Bushcraft Company, we want you to be prepared always. If you are on a hike and want to stop and cook your meal, be prepared. If you are camping with your family and want to roast s’mores, have your firesteel ready. If you are challenging yourself against nature and its cruelest elements, be prepared. Have the proper tools and practice the art of making fire with patience and care in the comfort of your backyard until the skill seems effortless. Train your mind and practice the steps needed to provide yourself with a fire that could possibly save your life or a friend’s someday.

Fire is not only quintessential for the survival of mankind, but it also provides a simple comfort in the art of relaxation. There is nothing like sitting around a campfire. It puts people at ease. It draws people in. If you are lost in the wild, what do you do to be found? Build a fire. You can’t build a fire if no one has taught you this skill.

Be the one to teach a crowd to create a bushcraft fire. Be an inspiration to your family and friends with your knowledge. Practice this skill. Great North Bushcraft Company wants to supply you with the fire-starting tools you need to start a bushcraft fire and teach others the importance of this survival skill.