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A first aid kit should always be with you during your travels.
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Adventure first aid kits have everything you need without being big and bulky. With the convenience of just throwing it in with your camping gear, you can’t afford to not have one along on your adventures. Bring it with you to the highest mountain peaks of the world, whitest water rapids, or to the lowest desert valleys. No matter where your travels may lead you, your hiking first aid kits should provide you with the best possible security. If you need to try out your first aid skills, an adventure medical kit would be equipped with the essentials to survive.

It will not weigh you down when you embark on an extended backpacking trip and it will not get wet on your water excursions. You want your first aid kit to be reliable. At Great North Bushcraft Company, we believe in quality. We want you to be equipped with the best gear possible and an adventure first aid kit is a good solution. You should not be unprepared in the wild or even at a safer location close to home, such as a city park or zoo. Accidents happen quickly, so we should always be prepared in case of an emergency.

These medical kits are designed to be ready in the toughest conditions. If you drop it out of your pack and it gets roughed around by the surrounding terrain, it should hold its own. They are made for the multi-sport athletes that have the need for action. Throw it your backpack while you take off on a 20- mile bike ride. Store it safely in your vehicle in case on an impromptu adventure. Bring it along while you rock climb your way to the top of a cliff. Pack it in your suitcase for your trip to Yosemite or Denali State Park. No matter where you are in the world, hiking first aid kits will be ready when needed. Refill it as needed and keep using. These kits can be used repeatedly, as your cuts and bruises add to the stories of your adventures. Be inspired to get out into the great outdoors and have the assurance in knowing you can care for yourself and others in the face of mother nature’s harshest elements.