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Norwegian Knives Built to Last
Inspired by the Norwegian Landscape and Elements
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Helle knives are made to be used. Inspired by wild mountains, open seas, and fjords, they are designed to feel as good in your hands as they look to your eye. A Helle knife is made with excellent craftsmanship. Their handles are consistent with the blades and add character to each individual design. An intense process combines grinding, polishing, and oiling each knife. The sheaths are made with specially tanned leather and are treated with saddle grease, to increase luster and durability. The steel used by Helle is more expensive than most other knife brands, as part of their never compromising philosophy. It is triple laminated stainless steel, resulting in a near unbreakable blade that lets it stay sharp for much longer.

Each Helle knife is made with a specific task in mind. Its purpose is to replace a few other tools and be multifunctional and versatile. The designers at Helle believe they themselves need to understand and appreciate how a knife should work in the real world. They would not accept a knife that did not work as intended or have a pointless gimmick. They actually use the knives they make, so they can testify as to their high-quality craftsmanship and materials. A Helle knife is built to last and can be handed down to your children and your children’s children.

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