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Hand Forged Swedish Axes
The Longest Operating Axe Maker in the World
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Hults Bruk has been a company since the 1600s. Their factory is located just north of Norrkoping, in Sweden. Hults Bruk chose this location because it put them at an advantage, being at the end of a valley, edge of a forest, and near an active stream. This stream powered their water wheel which supplied power to their facility. A white mansion dominates the property accompanied by small red cottages with black trim. These small buildings are where past blacksmithing took place. Four apartment buildings were built in the 1800s for the workers and are still in use today.

Hults Bruk’s hand forging began in 1697. Their earliest productions included nails and iron bars, followed by hand tools like axes and spades. Absentee nobles owned the facilities until the 1820s in which the Ekeland family took over. Three generations of this family ran the factory for over 100 years. They lived onsite this entire time. In the late 1870s, the owner Gunnar Ekelund decided to make axes according to professional American production methods. He traveled to America to study these methods and while there, purchased modernized machinery. The first Hults Bruk axes were sold in the United States in the 1880s. Gunnar passed away in 1928 after leading the company for 42 years, setting Hults Bruk on a more modern course.

In the 1930s, a great development effort went into finding better ways to forge a blade edge that would keep sharp over time and use. This was successful and is still evident in the axes’ quality today. In the pre-war days, a school was built on site in Sweden. In 1944, Hults Bruk was sold to a paper company Holmens Bruk. In 1988, the facility was purchased by Tors Hammare. In 1992, it was sold to the current owner, The Hultafors Group. There are over 20 people working there today, who forge over 100,000 axe heads each year.
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