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If you go into nature you should have a quality bushcraft knife.
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Knives have been with us in their most primitive form since mankind first started inventing. They have been used as weapons, tools, and eating utensils and are even used today for everyday tasks in most households. In bushcraft a knife is almost a necessity.

Bushcraft is about developing the skills and knowledge to thrive in any natural environment with focuses on fire making, hunting, shelter building, fishing, etc. These activities involve hand tools, such as knives and axes. The term “bushcraft” became popular with Canadian outdoorsman Mors Kochanski, who is a great influence in developing, teaching and documenting these skills. In fact, he wrote the book called Bushcraft in 1998, which has become highly popular among those who aspire to gain such skills. A famous saying of his is, “The more you know, the less you carry.” However, it was his thought that a good bushcraft knife was useful for “hundreds of every-day tasks in bush living”. His perfect bushcraft knife would have “a blade as long as the width of the palm”, and “should have the blade tip close to the profile center line of the handle” among other aspects.

Ray Mears, a popular English bushcraft expert, has also had a huge influence on the bushcrafting community. After his vast experiences worldwide not finding his “perfect knife” he developed the Woodlore in the early 1990s. It has a straightforward design that was actually influenced by Mors Kochanski. His skills and knowledge have been featured on numerous television specials and books.

Bushcraft knives are also a key component in the art of survival. The main use of these outdoor knives is wood carving. A bushcraft knife specializes in providing control over the knife for the task at hand. It is tough and maneuverable. It holds a sharp edge. A simple, curved edge is best for handling. A good knife combined with wit gives you a high advantage in a survival situation. Bushcrafters today, with the help of the internet can share information like never before, using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and outdoor forums. Information is at your fingertips. For those who enjoy and practice bushcraft, they know it is imperative to have a quality, functional knife. Great North Bushcraft Company supplies some of the best knives in the world.