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Mora knives come in a range of small sheath knives similar to the Finnish design puukko, which is a small traditional Finnish belt knife with a single curving cutting edge and a flat back. The term Mora comes from knives being manufactured in Mora, Dalarna Sweden, but now has come to refer to similar style knives by other brands. Mora knives are used in Sweden and Finland for construction and as general all-purpose tools. In Scandinavia, they are used by their armies as every day knives.
Mora has been creating sharp knives worldwide for over 400 years, since the year 1891. KJ Eriksson and Frost Knivfabrik companies were the main producers of Mora until they merged their brands with Mora of Sweden and the name became Morakniv. Morakniv was very well known by the end of the 1900’s because of the area’s long tradition of manufacturing. Traveling tradesmen and bartering helped spread the word.
A mora bushcraft knife consists of 12C27 stainless steel, triflex steel, or hard (HRC61) carbon steel laminated between softer alloyed steel. Different knives have various sensitivity to their surrounding hands on scenarios. Carbon steel knives are easier to re-sharpen than stainless steel mora knives.
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