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A saw is one of the safest cutting tools you can carry and nothing
matches its speed and efficiency for cutting firewood.

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A hand saw is not an essential piece of kit but it sure makes life in the wilderness easier. A good hand saw will be a pleasure to use and help in so many ways, from having the ability to make precision length wood to (with the proper technique) being able to split firewood. A good one consists of a strong steel blade with a hard-toothed edge that will retain its sharpness for a very long time, a comfortable handle and a solid mechanism with a good lock.
Hand saws, known by many names, have been around for thousands of years. The materials used over the years have varied, but bronze is believed to have been the main source before steel became industrialized. Two common types of saws are the cross cut and rip saw. The crosscut saw has saw teeth that are shaped so that they form tiny knifelike edges. Rip saws are instead shaped so that they form small chisel-like edges. A ripsaw is faster than a cross cut saw if cutting with the grain, but can leave a rough cut, often with splinters on the top. It has more difficulty maintaining a straight cut when being used to cut across the grain. A cross cut saw can be used to cut in any direction, but is slower when cutting with the grain.
Other types of saws include the back saw, bow saw, coping saw, fret saw, hacksaw, Japanese saw, keyhole saw and pruning saw. Each have their own unique use, showing the diversity of these different types. Technology has even brought us the power saws, which also have their time and place to speed up productivity. However, today, there is a demand for “old world” methods in our fast-paced society. A quality camping saw has that appeal. On a camping trip, you can slow your mind down as well as warm your body up while sawing up campfire wood. It is beneficial to have a quality saw that is flexible and sharp and won’t break when in use. A dull hand saw can cause frustration and extra work on an outing that should be relaxing and refreshing. Great North Bushcraft Company has quality, reliable bushcraft saws for sale. Have one in your survival or camping equipment that you can count on and you will be glad you do.