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Cordadge Shelter
Be prepared to build your bushcraft shelter, lash a raft or just find a way to stay protected from the elements.
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If you find yourself in a survival situation, you might not have much with you. You may be unprepared. Don’t get caught unprepared. Get your paracord for sale here at Great North Bushcraft Company. You could work at making your own cordage in the wild. This could end up being time consuming. If you have 550 paracord with you, you will have confidence that your bushcraft shelter will hold up for you throughout wind, rain, or snow. Now imagine if your paracord could also be used as fire starter. You are hiking alone in the woods and suddenly can’t remember if you went left or right. You make the wrong choice and find yourself lost. The sun is setting. You don’t have time to properly prepare your fire-starting materials. Thankfully, in your bushcraft kit, you are prepared with your 550 firecord and with the strike of a match, you now successfully have the beginnings of a fire for your night of survival.
Great North Bushcraft Company wants you to always be prepared for that small chance that plans may go wrong in the wild. We encourage adventures in the wide-open spaces and through the towering mountains, but we want your bushcraft kit to be complete with paracord. It comes in a variety of colors and is rated to hold up to 550 pounds of pressure. Choose your favorite color to add some character to your bushcraft supplies. Color code your favorite tools. With seven interior strands, you will be at an advantage in the wild.
Some different uses of paracord include building a shelter, lifting a bear bag, fishing, making a bow drill, making tools, first aid emergencies, (such as a tourniquet) or raising just about anything around camp (a clothesline, tarp, etc.). Some unique ways to carry your paracord are as endless as the uses. You can braid it into a belt, anklet, or bracelet, thread it through your shoes to replace your shoelaces, wrap it around your knife, axe, or camp cup handle, or add a braid of it to your car keys on your carabiner.
Be sure to check back as we will be adding more to this section in the way of tarps, emergency shelters and more and more cordage options.