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Silky saws were first developed in 1919, in Kishi Japan. Mr.
Katsuji Miyawaki produced the “Tamakitsune,” which was the original brand of
silky. In 1970, Silky utilized the invention of an automatic saw setting
machine. In 1980, Silky created a proprietary saw setting process that
drastically improved their products’ sharpness. The “4-Retsume” and “Miraime2”
were created using this new technology. In 1983, the name Silky was applied to
all their products. Silky continues be a leading producer of notable saws. The
company is currently run by Uichi Miyawaki, who like past owners, has a passion
to create the best possible saws. He also strives to keep the company

A silky hand saw features laser cut, impulse hardened blades
to achieve excellent performance and long-lasting quality. Unique alloy steel
is produced and engineered specifically for Silky. This creates a harder, longer
lasting edge, exceptional tensile strength, and ideal hardness and flexibility.
Using high frequency techniques, the teeth are heating instantly and hardened.
The remainder of the blade retains its normal flexibility because just the
teeth of the blade are localized with the heating process. The hardened teeth
stay sharp three times longer than non-hardened teeth.

Their handles are made from rubber compound elastomer, which
causes an excellent grip, even when wet. Each fixed blade has a custom designed
scabbard. Each folding blade is made to protect the blade when folded.

Great North Bushcraft Company strives to sell the best
bushcraft tools out there. Silky will live up to its excellent reputation.