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These knives you can quite literally trust with your life.
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Survival knives are made for survival situations in the wilderness. They should be made sharp and well-constructed. A survival knife might be a tool that could save your life. Survival blades can serve many purposes. Trapping, batoning, skinning, wood carving, cutting, and defense are just a few potential uses. Survival knives tend to have a thick and heavy blade. Whether you are a hunter, trapper, hiker, sportsmen, or just enjoying the great outdoors, a good bushcraft knife can be beneficial, in any environment.
Most survival knives have fixed blades with a full and thick tang. On some of them, the spine or back of the blade remains flat, which is handy for hitting or pounding a stick to help when splitting wood. They can also be helpful to strike a ferrocerium rod to aid in starting a fire. The uses are endless. Great North Bushcraft Company strives to carry some of the best survival knives in the world and will continue to seek the best.